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A phototherapy breakthrough for dermatoses of the scalp and localized areas of the body, The Lumera System delivers exceptional comfort, ease of use, and performance.

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Lumera Brush

The Lumera Brush truly outshines all other phototherapy options by delivering UVB light directly to the difficult-to-treat scalp. Leading-edge technology delivers energy through 45 fiber-optic filaments in a hairbrush pattern. Light-conducting spheres at the end of each filament focus light directly on the scalp, bypassing the hair. Scalp therapy with the Lumera Brush reduces unnecessary face, ear, and neck exposure.

The fiber-optic brush is 4X faster than the general light treatment

  • Lumera Beam

    The Lumera Beam localizes the treatment to areas where hair is not a barrier. Pinpoints phototherapy to small lesions for targeted exposure. A variety of output patterns allows you to shape light precisely to affected areas. Precision output profiles spare border areas from double exposure and treats lesional skin tissue without affecting non-involved skin areas.

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    • Lumasure Meter

      The Lumera’s Lumasure meter (included with purchase) measures UVB output for calculation of treatment times. The output is stable over the lifetime of lamps.

  • Proven effective

    Clinical studies have concluded that the Lumera Brush is “an effective approach to control scalp psoriasis” and that the Lumera Beam is “an effective means for treating small, scattered lesions and genital areas, where the skin is sensitive.”1,2

    Backed by the best and brightest in the business… As the world leader in phototherapy, we deliver advanced, reliable technology, plus excellent service and support.

  • Lumera UVB Light Source

    Lamp: 200 Watt proprietary technology Active spectrum: 290-320 nm Lamp life: Approximately 500 hours Input voltage: 100-240 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz Input current: 3 A @ 120 Volts (1.5 A @ 220 Volts) Dimensions: 12.5×12.5×5.5 inches (32x32x14 cm) Weight: 11 lb (5 kg)

    With the Lumera, lamp cost per hour of use is 1/4 the cost of fluorescent phototherapy cabinets.

  • Active area: 3 square cm (variable areas and shapes with output pattern inserts) Dimensions: 2.5x2x6 inches (6.5x5x15 cm) Weight: 5 oz (145 g) Output: ˜ 100 mw/cm2

  • Total fibers: 55 Active area: 0.8×2 inches (2×5 cm) Dimensions: 3.1×1.2×4.9 inches (8x4x12.5 cm) Weight: 4 oz (115 g) Output: ˜ 20 mw/cm2

  • Active Diameter: 5 mm Length: 6 feet (1.8 m) Weight: 12 oz (340 g)

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