M Series

Hand and Foot Unit

Designed for effective and efficient treatment of the hands or feet. The hood can be removed and the unit turned on end or mounted on a wall for treatment of small, localized areas.

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  • Control System

    The Dosimeter Control allows treatments to be entered in Joules (UVA) or milliJoules (UVB). A special UV sensor measures the intensity of the light and adjusts the treatment time to compensate for any variation in output due to the aging of the lamps or other factors. The Dosimeter Control affords the most accurate delivery of ultraviolet light therapy available in a phototherapy unit. Treatments are programmed in a few simple keystrokes. One-touch operation allows you to conveniently begin, pause, or resume any treatment.

    The simpler Timer Control option allows treatments to be entered in units of time only (minutes: seconds). The state-of-the-art digital timer provides treatment duration accuracy.

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    • Safety Lock-Out

      A programmable lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use. When activated, the user must enter a code to operate the unit.

  • The M Series operates on a standard current of 120V, 60hz (220V, 60 and 50hz models also available). Prior to purchase or electrical modification of your location, CONFIRM WITH DAAVLIN THAT YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR YOUR PARTICULAR UNIT AND COUNTRY.

  • SINGLE UNIT WITH HOOD: height 13.5″ width 20.25″ depth 22″ weight 48 lbs (21.8 kg)

  • Model Name 
    10 UVA Lamps
    10 Narrow Band UVB Lamps
    4 Narrow Band UVB & 6 UVA Lamps
    CE 0086Available on 220V/50Hz units

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IMPORTANT: Prior to purchase or electrical modification of your location – Confirm with Daavlin that you have the correct electrical specification for your particular unit and country.

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