Full Body UVA1

Powerful, Productive, Pure UVA1

Twenty-four high intensity lamps, arranged vertically, deliver a 30 to 40% boost in patient through-put while using half the space of conventional UVA1 units.

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High Intensity

The ML24000 uses a combination of high-pressure lamps and special filters to produce an extremely pure UVA1 output, free of virtually all UVB content. This shortens treatment times and makes the use of medium and high dose protocols practical for the first time ever. A proprietary lamp and filtering system absorbs infrared output and limits spectral emission to the UVA1 range (340-400nm). High dose protocols can be delivered without the worry of UVB induced erythema as often seen in fluorescent UVA1 devices. Specially designed reflectors behind each of the twenty-four lamps diffuse the output and enhance the uniformity of therapeutic radiation to the patient. The ML24000 is operated by the time-tested Daavlin Flex Controller, which can be remotely located for ease of physician access.


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  • Patient Comfort

    Conveniently located hand grasps make it easy to treat areas of the body that are normally difficult to expose. A built-in ventilation system keeps patients comfortable and maintains the lamps at their optimum operating temperature.


  • Minimal Footprint

    The unique, four column design of the ML24000 makes efficient use of valuable floor space. Requires half the space of typical lie-down models, and separates into modular sections for easy installation in small offices.

  • Increased Through-Put

    Treatments take significantly less time than those in conventional bed-type units, lessening patient fatigue and allowing you to see more patients. Patient through-put is increased by 30 to 40% due to high power output levels and 360 degrees of emission.

  • Depth: 49″ (125cm) Width: 62″ (158 cm) Height: 98″ (249 cm)

  • HVAC Requirements:

    The air movement facilities are required to be installed: 2 x 8″ diameter patient cooling duct or 1 x 18″ diameter exhaust duct

    Power Requirements:

    3 x 120-volt lines plus ground line, 50/60 Hz. 80 amp breaker 2 x 20.0 KVA buck/boosters

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