NeoLux, Daavlin’s latest innovation, combines many unique features that together set it apart from the competition, among them, SmartTouch™ control, Crystal Cool™ temperature management, Crystal Clear™ acrylic interior and more. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, NeoLux is safer, more efficient and more user intuitive than any phototherapy unit currently available.

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Crystal Clear Acrylic

The NeoLux full body phototherapy cabinet features Daavlin’s new Crystal Clear acrylic interior, which protects from accidental lamp contact by the patient and provides unobstructed light delivery. In addition to being easy to clean, the sealed acrylic panels prevent dust build-up on the lamps.

Maximum Efficiency

The NeoLux design uses as few as 40 lamps. Fewer lamps mean lower maintenance and electrical costs. The newly developed UV reflecting system enhances light output by partially surrounding each lamp to maximize reflectivity, resulting in a more efficient device.

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  • Crystal Cool Temperature Management

    The Crystal Cool temperature management system provides an optimum environment for the patient and extends lamp life. Two cooling fans with a patient controlled on/off switch are available for patients who want to feel airflow during their treatment.

  • Patient Comfort

    The cabinet is spacious and open at the top, while using less office space than competitor models. Double doors open wide enough for any patient and the bottom platform can be removed to accommodate a wheel chair.



  • SmartTouch Technology

    NeoLux features SmartTouch™ technology, Daavlin’s proprietary control system that provides a host of benefits to both the practice and the patient. SmartTouch incorporates such features as permanent patient records, built-in protocols, operator tracking, and monitoring systems that prevent errors in dosing.  Learn more about SmartTouch.

    *SmartTouch Network allows you to link a group of Daavlin units together; for instance, hand and foot units may be controlled from the same PC as full-body device.  Patient records are centralized.

  • Backup Control System

    NeoLux features SmartTouch™ technology along with a backup digital timer. Dual controls allow for the ability to continue patient treatments even if your PC should fail.

  • NeoLux can also give you design control. You can select from numerous custom color and design options to seamlessly blend into your office.

    NeoLux Premium Design Options

    The impression that your office or clinic makes on a patient is important. How the various design elements of your practice come together make the patient feel at ease and cared for. At Daavlin we understand this. With Daavlin’s NeoLux phototherapy system, you have a hand in how your unit will look. It’s customizable design options are elegantly beautiful and can be selected to fully complement the decor at your office or clinic. The choice is yours.

    *Additional charges will apply for custom features. Please contact a Daavlin representative for a quote today.
  •  Doors OpenDoors Closed

    (NeoLux Plus)

    84 in (213 cm)

    94 in (239 cm)

    84 in (213 cm)

    94 in (239 cm)
    53 in (135 cm)41 in (104 cm)
    Width50 in (127 cm)40 in (102 cm)
    • Measuring about nine inches (25 cm) taller than a conventional phototherapy cabinet, the NeoLux Plus treats your tallest patients without special accommodation.
    • Daavlin’s 3 Series NeoLux cabinet can be equipped with the following lamp configurations:3 Series NeoLux 311-48: 48 Narrow Band UVB lamps3 Series NeoLux 350-48: 48 UVA lamps3 Series NeoLux 311/350-24/24: 24 Narrow Band UVB lamps and 24 UVA lamps*Available in standard and plus sizes 3 Series NeoLux 311-40: 40 Narrow Band UVB lamps3 Series NeoLux 350-40: 40 UVA lamps3 Series NeoLux 311/350-20/20: 20 Narrow Band UVB lamps and 20 UVA lamps

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