UV Therapy Accessories

Full line of accessories.

Daavlin offers a full line of accessories to assist you with your phototherapy

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Dose Patch MED Testing

The Daavlin DosePatch is a disposable MED/MPD test patch that goes on like a bandage. It makes dose testing easier than ever. Individual patches come with six exposure windows. Need more than six windows? Simply add another patch. The DosePatch comes in boxes of 100 and is hypoallergenic.

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Learn how to purchase the UV Therapy Accessories

  • Daavlin stocks a wide variety of lamps in UVA, Narrow Band UVB and Broad Band UVB.  We are capable of re-lamping almost any competitor phototherapy unit, as well as any Daavlin unit you may have. See Lamp Specifications

    Daavlin Part NumberMfg. Part NumberLamp TypeLength
    060OF72HOF72T12/BL/HOUVA 72″
    060FS72HOTL 100W/12BB UVB72″
    060FS72SOFTTL 100W/01-FS72NB UVB72″
    060PLL36W-10PL-L 36W/10/4PUVA116"
    060PLL36W-09PL-L 36W UVA UVA16"
    060PLL36W-06M2-9B-05/LTC36W/2G11BB UVB16"
    060PLL36W-01PL-L 36W/01/4PNB UVB16"
    060PLL36W-03BLUE LIGHT16"
    060FS24HOTL 20W/12RS BBBB UVB24″
    060FS20TL-01TL 20W/01RS NBNB UVB24″
    060PWUVALAMPPL-S 9W/10/2PUVA6″ for DermaPal
    060PWBBLAMPPL-S 9W/12BB UVB6″ for DermaPal
    060PWNBLAMPPL-S 9W/01/2PNB UVB6″ for DermaPal
  • Light Meters

    Our compact, easy to use, all-in-one light meter accurately measures UVA, Broad Band UVB, and Narrow Band UVB lamp output.  The meter comes with a protective carrying case and a tripod for convenient use. In addition, we also offer Narrow Band UVB only, UVA-1 and Blue Light meters. (Meter tripod optional)

    Part NumberMeter ModelLight Type Measured
    925GOX11Daavlin X-11UVA, BB-UVB, NB-UVB
    925GOX11NBDaavlin X-11 Narrow BandNB-UVB only
    925GOX11UVA1Daavlin X-11 UVA-1UVA-1
    925GOX11BLUEDaavlin BlueBlue Light
    925METERKITOptional meter kit fits all Daavlin meters
  • UV Protective Eyewear

    Eyewear that blocks all UVA and UVB energy is a must! Daavlin has a selection of glasses and goggles providing both patient and physician with superior eye protection.

    UV Blocking Glasses

    Our Fitover style glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses and is available in a variety of colors to suit your patients’ tastes, enhancing compliance with your eye protection instructions. These glasses offer excellent comfort as well as safety and include carrying case.

    UV Blocking Goggles

    Tightly fitting UV blocking goggles are a necessity when undergoing ultraviolet light treatment.   There are two styles to choose from:

    • Sperti Goggles have an adjustable noseband and head strap for fit and comfort while blocking UV. Green or amber lenses offer clear, undistorted vision.


    • Super Sunnies are lightweight and comfortable with an elastic string for easy adjustment.

  •  905 Fitover GlassesUV Blocking Goggles
    Sperti GreenX
    Sperti Amber X
    Super Sunnies (Assorted Colors)X

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